new electric lawnmower

Look Ma, no gas, no loud noise. I have a small yard, so this electric lawnmower cuts it nicely. Earplugs no longer required to do the lawn. :up:

Electric Mower

26 responses to “new electric lawnmower

  1. Hey thats really nice and eco friendly. :cheers:

  2. operainchicago

    OinC will lobby Obama for tax breaks for those who use electric mowers 😆

  3. Ah, so you are doing your bit to save the ecology I see? :up:PS: This the one you ordered from Amazon?

  4. It's the Amazon-ordered mower. Amazingly cheap and works like a charm. The trick is controlling the cord. It's best to start near the electrical outlet and go back and forth from there, keeping the cord on the mowed side. After a few minutes, I had the technique down and it became easy. With the gas mower, I'd treat the lawn as a giant rectangle, but with electric, I'd be all over the cord that way.This mower is about as loud as a noisy hairdryer, which is far less than my gasoline model. It's half the weight, too. I can control it with one hand.Even though it pulls a lot of juice, it seems a lot cleaner to use. Gas mowers run rich and nasty. I was always getting waves of exhaust infused air around me with the gas mower. Sometimes I can smell a neighbor's mower from several houses down. Gas string trimmers seem even worse. Their 2-cycle motors put out exhaust that is literally dripping with fumes. Somebody always has one of those damned things running nearby.Originally posted by operainchicago:

    OinC will lobby Obama for tax breaks for those who use electric mowers

    Actually there's a rebate going on right now if you replace a natural gas furnace or hot water heater with an ultra-efficient model. The rebate is quite large if you go to a tankless water heater that heats only on demand. I'd love to have one of those, but my tank type water heater is working perfectly and I just can't justify ripping out something that works even though a new one would drop my gas bill some. Maybe later.I could get *really* excited about *solar* heat or hot water, but my lot and house are under an almost 100% tree canopy. In fact, I can't even get satellite TV because the southern horizon is blocked by a wall of trees. It's a conspiracy.

  5. There's a solution to every prob: for your lawn you could have a plastic one-no need to mow it. For the satellite transmitting : a balloon above the trees and it's O.K. And for the lawn mower: a battery-powered machine. Of course I am kidding a bit. But I like tinkering a lot. I usually use Ubuntu 9.04 + Gnome.I wish you a very nice week,Dave.

  6. operainchicago

    Wondering if body heat, such as……Oh never mind :no: can qualify for a rebate. After all, I have burned mucho calories working just 1.5 hours on the pool so far 😆

  7. operainchicago

    photo blog of start up process for the summer in a few minutes…minus a pic of me 😆

  8. Originally posted by FIFINELEB:

    For the satellite transmitting : a balloon above the trees and it's O.K.

    The cable company would shoot it down. 😆 Originally posted by FIFINELEB:

    I usually use Ubuntu 9.04 + Gnome

    I love that stuff, and especially love the free tinkering of Linux. If I break it, I can just go back out and fetch what I need to fix. I just changed to Xubuntu from KDE/Kubuntu and am enjoying it a lot. I downloaded the iso via bittorrent, and have since shared it back out to the tune of many gigs. The cable company hates that too, as they don't want anyone to really use the "unlimited" Internet.Originally posted by operainchicago:

    I have burned mucho calories working just 1.5 hours on the pool so far

    A pool! Nice! Sounds like a summer oasis.

  9. I've been using an electric mower for the last twelve years. I'm on my second one actually as they tend to wear out fast in this heat. They're lighter in weight and less noisy, plus I hated the idea of having gasoline sitting around in the shed. I don't mind the cord at all but I'll have to replace that pretty soon because I've hit it a couple of times with the darn edger. Either that or wrap some of that electrical tape around the 'almost' exposed wires. I know, I know….not safe at all.

  10. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    minus a pic of me

    There goes your rebate!Nice job dave and good luck with the mower. I had one too, before and found out about the "best way" the hard way .:lol:

  11. electric mowers…when I was a kid, I ran over the cord with the lawn mower – a flymo it was, and boy did I ever get into trouble!

  12. Adam should have had a lawn mower so that we might have stayed in paradise by killing the ugly snake talking to Eve. But that's another story,eh? Haha.

  13. :yikes: Well, with a snake, I might do the same thing as old as I am now.

  14. When I was little and lived with my parents, the yard was large and we had what's called a lawn tractor. A big snake slithered out in front of me and I went cold with panic. I ran the blade deck over it and let it down low. The crunching noises and the pieces shooting out calmed me down. Cruel and reckless, but I was 10 and didn't know WTF else to do.

  15. I've never eaten snake, FIFINELEB, no other reptiles either. I must try it.

  16. Right,Dax. We can't re-write history. By the way have you ever eaten a snake pâté? It tastes just like fish.

  17. And if in turn, Adam had to make up with Eve for killing that nice snake, we'd be exactly where we stand now, wouldn't we? 😆

  18. L'anguille est toujours le bienvenu 😀

  19. imjustafriend

    Haha, Your yard is probably like mine. I had an electrican once but cut the cord to many times. So here's a noisy one now. I like that feeling i'm doing a real thing. Well, there exists chargeable. Next time for me or a thinking lawnmover that do all and find the charging place it self.

  20. Une" anguille au vert" peut-être? Haha. C'est bon,non?

  21. Your wish for a Lada in a previous post is in direct contrast with the nice, clean, no fumes electric lawn mower. The Cuban Ladas can be horrific.

  22. I have little doubt that I will never have a Lada. It's just talkin'. If I did get one, I'd probably just drive it in parades and 4th of July celebrations. 😀

  23. imjustafriend

    I have a friend that still runs a Lada 1984 1500s. Its mostly in the garage since he mostly bycikle. Yes, year round and in snow. The car i s working ok.

  24. Maybe he can sell it to me! 😎

  25. when I was young, had a similar snake experience, except it was a cobra which reared up at me (a baby one, but nonetheless), I threw a bucket over it and ran!

  26. imjustafriend

    That wll be expensive. He do not like to sell the car and the distance from north pole gives guit a high postage. Then it will for sure, not have cobra inside. We have only one poissen snake here and that's like 3-10 wasp sting.

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