enchiladas suizas de pollo

It's what I had for dinner on the way back to the hotel from work: chicken swiss enchiladas.

The food was good but the waiter paid me no attention at all. He was busy with a table of two young girls. My age being double theirs, plus my lack of tits and a vagina resulted in me being totally ignored. 😡

Hey, I'm middle aged. I kind of have tits. They're not perky though. 😮

5 responses to “enchiladas suizas de pollo

  1. At http://www.engrish.com is an ad for men's bras with some funny wording on or around it. On Seinfeld they called them bros or manziers.

  2. The masturbation episode was a classic. soup nazi. "it moved!"

  3. Love Seinfeld!

  4. You may consider putting the ice cube trick to good use.

  5. ice cube trick…hmmmmm…what about a cold North wind?

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