jcs and beer

Tonight we're having some beer :beer: and listening to music. Strangely, along with the beer, we have Jesus Christ Superstar (Cast Recording) playing. I had the LP's when I was elementary school. This is a hard album to buy correctly. There is the original cast recording, Broadway cast recording, London cast recording, movie version. I like the 1970 original the best, which has the cover shown in the image. It has all the FUNK still intact! :up:

Amazon is about the only one that has the original listed correctly, and it's expensive. I still have the LP's somewhere.

10 responses to “jcs and beer

  1. I used to have "The original motion picture soundtrack album version."Djeezes by the time I'd read the title, the needle had returned to the start position.

  2. I liked the movie, too. The tanks coming up over the hill really moved me. King Herod was a hoot in that movie.

  3. Never saw the movie but used to have the LP. Don't know what happened to it. I did see this put on by the community college I was attending. Of course, at the college they couldn't be nude for the ending song but it was still good.

  4. I think in the original play (New York maybe?year?) there were several shorter scenes with just a couple of people nude. Then with the final song, everyone was nude. I just remember all kinds of controversy about it in the news back then. Have no idea what year that was. What a shock that would have been for the church groups to see everyone nude for the last scene, if it was still being done that way.

  5. I didn't know about the nude scene. I saw the show back in the 70's I guess after it went on the road. No nudity at the Greensboro Coliseum, lol. Nobody knew much about the show, and many churches sent busloads of people thinking it was going to be a nice church service type of event. Surprised faces were everywhere as they turned up the amps and totally shook the building!

  6. I went to see a production of Naked Boys Singing at the Little Theatre of Winston-Salem (NC) last year. The nudity was saved until the final second when the lights were to be cut at the exact moment that they whipped it all off. The lights were a fraction of a second late in being cut, lol, so the audience got treated to a little bit of dingle dangle as the bulbs cooled. It was a hip audience, so nobody went crazy or anything. 😀

  7. 😆 Oops!

  8. I love this record I do mean record I have this on record not cd,I'm a die hard for still playing records some music you cant find on cd or anything else.

  9. A very nice thing about LP's is that they are rather beautiful doing their slow 33 1/3 turn. It's rather relaxing.

  10. yes it is

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