my keyboard – mi teclado

It's huge. It's heavy (several pounds). It makes a lot of noise. It was a little expensive. It's a Unicomp, which is a reproduction of an old IBM Model M. Serious net/computer nuts need high-quality interface devices. 😀


"In 1986, IBM first released the model M keyboard. Its keys were similar to that of a typewriter with "significant travel during actuation of the switch and even overtravel after actuation." (US Patent, 3,842,229). The use of a mechanical switch keyboard which allows users to both hear auditory feedback "clicks" and feel "keyboard resistance" as they type."

This is the main thing:

"Mechanical key-switch keyboards are technically superior because they provide visual, tactile and auditory feedback."

Most keyboards are what's called "rubber dome", which means the keys are silent, or nearly so, as they press down on an elastic rubber pad. Really the only feedback from them is seeing the letters appear on the screen. I found that the uncertainty of these made me press the keys harder and I got HELLISH carpal tunnel. The majority of keyboards sold are of this type and they can be had for as little as $9, sometimes.

This heavy keyboard monster of mine is called a "buckling spring", or "mechanical key-switch", keyboard. It sounds like popcorn popping: CLACKITY CLACK! It solved a lot of problems. My carpal tunnel went away within two weeks of getting this one and has never returned.

This is the model I got. I've had it for years now.

Here's a pic. I got the Spanish model in black and gray. They'll make any language you want.

Image is clickable for greater detail. Select "all sizes" after landing on the flickr page. Selecting the large size will allow you to see lots of dead skin cells all over the keyboard. I need to blow it out.

My Keyboard

3 responses to “my keyboard – mi teclado

  1. Wow! A spring fed keyboard, now thats ultimate geek! :spock:

  2. :eyes: looks cool too. :sst: before I saw the pic I imagined the keyboard would be like a typewritter 😛

  3. I need to take it apart this week and get the "stuff" out of it. There's probably some pizza flakes down in there, at the minimum. 😀

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