shopping trip to ikea in charlotte

Reedplayernc and I drove 1.5 hours to the south today just to go shopping at Ikea in Charlotte, North Carolina. We both love their furniture so much that previously we drove almost 6 hours to the Ikea in Atlanta, Georgia. Now that Charlotte has one much closer, we're all set, or doomed, not sure which! 😀

You can see the entire set here on flickr, but I'm going to post a selection below.

Images are clickable for greater detail. Select "all sizes" after landing on the flickr page.

Image #1: Here we arrive in the pick-up truck so we can carry a lot of things home, if necessary.
Shopping Trip to Ikea in Charlotte

Image #2: Brian looks pleased. We enjoy Ikea a lot.
Shopping Trip to Ikea in Charlotte

Image #3: The Ikea stores are so huge, that after we go in here, it will be HOURS before we emerge from the exit.
Shopping Trip to Ikea in Charlotte

Image #4: Maps, and arrows painted on the floor, are necessary to steer the shoppers through the giant store.
Shopping Trip to Ikea in Charlotte

Image #5: Brian tries out a Kramfors leather sofa. Only $1398. :p
Shopping Trip to Ikea in Charlotte

Image #6: It's me beside a sign advertising food in the Ikea restaurant. The place is so large that a food stop midway is often necessary.
Shopping Trip to Ikea in Charlotte

Image #7: Pseudo-Swedish food on the menu in the Ikea restaurant.
Shopping Trip to Ikea in Charlotte

Image #8: Brian taking a break on the Malung swivel chair. $189. :p
Shopping Trip to Ikea in Charlotte

That's all! This trip was just for a good look-see. We'll go back another time for the big haul.

21 responses to “shopping trip to ikea in charlotte

  1. LOL am hour for Ikea,I like the place but I hate that you have to make it by yourself.•/<.<)dodged a bullet….(x•x)had smore than oneBy the way what's brian too you ?

  2. By the way what's brian too you ?

    Hmmm! We ride 1.5 hours to go *shopping*. We push the same cart through bedding, bath, and kitchens. We're just business acquaintances. 😀 And yes, football bores the shit out of me, unless NCSU, Carolina, or Duke are involved. 😀 😆 Even then, there must be beer.

  3. oh i get it,sarcasmi hste football either way,soccer is the only sport i can barely bear lol

  4. I can find soccer mildly interesting, for a minute or two. 😆 Oh, but baseball, put me to sleep baby! Yawn. That sport swallows up so much public money. We all had to pay extra taxes to have 1/4 the downtown ripped apart to get one of those stadiums that looks exactly like the one every other medium size city already has. Nobody even knows what to call it! The BANK it got named after keeps changing its name, or merging, or getting swallowed up by another bank. Named after a bank, built with public money! Ewwwww.For sure I will make someone angry with some of the above. 😀 I like being dramatic.

  5. Haha they did the same thing in downtown LA

  6. eh….so what does that mean you and brian are…

  7. so what does that mean you and brian are…

    Homosapiens?Humanoid bipeds?

  8. was that recliner comfortable ???

    It was OK. There was a different one that was VERY comfortable until we saw the price of $479. I guess ergonomics are expensive.

  9. nooooo way i thought you guys were organic beings

  10. I guess I was,I on the other hand are a platypus,just know that I am.Fear what I've become…

  11. What do mean,all platypuses use computers,you guys are never there see us

  12. I can't I'm using an iPhone,it doesn't let me put pics

  13. IKEA is good for Sweden now that Volvo/Ford has such a big problems. Most swedes worries that Volvo cars soon will not be produced anymore. I have only 40 minutes to the IKEA store in Örebro 🙂

  14. I have always liked Volvo cars. My favorite is the boxy sedan. When I was a child, it seemed like Volvos were mostly driven by university professors and other such "brain" types. Now they are more common, but still viewed as a slightly odd car to drive. It is a make that has a reputation of quality and safety. I hope they continue to be made.There are so many big Volvo trucks here now.

  15. If I were to have any forign car it would be the bmw 850i

  16. Later this month I'm going to do a post about my first car. It was English, and HOT! :up: That English car was a royal pain in the ass to keep running, but when it ran, it was fun.

  17. was it something of a muscle car, dodge challenger ftw

  18. was the dukes car a challenger?

  19. Sounds almost like the Dukes of Hazzard, but no, it wasn't a Dodge. :p

  20. Well the I still the prefer the challenger

  21. a Charger I think. The General Lee? lol

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