pair of rumors

Reedplayernc and I have matching phones once again. The blue/black one is his. Mine is the greenie. Opera Mini 4.2 *finally* runs on the LG Rumor without issues. Yay! :up:

The LG Rumor, also known as the LX260, is perfect for text-a-holics like ourselves who also like to surf the web. The Rumor camera (1.3 MP) is quite good for a device of this size and price. Drop in a microSD card of a couple of gigs and you're good to go. I don't need the complexity nor expense of a PDA. This little model does what I like to do and does it well: texting, camera, web, instant messaging.

Images are clickable for greater detail. Select "all sizes" after landing on the flickr page.

Here are the little cuties. The last pic down shows Opera Mini.

Pair of Rumors

Pair of Rumors

Pair of Rumors

10 responses to “pair of rumors

  1. :up: MMS blogging

  2. Hey!Yeah, it is great to do the MMS blogging from the phone. Since Opera Mini 4.2 works on these now, I got the "signed" version and can just flat out upload. Finally some flexibility.Another thing I like, with a memory card it will take very long videos. Maybe I'll catch a great news event one day. :up:

  3. They should offer a Dvorak model. :devil:

  4. Hey they look like really cool phones, especially with the slide out qwerty keypad. :headbang:

  5. I just recently and unintentionally got rid of my ppc. It was too feature rich anyway, and I hardly ever used the mny extra's. The camera was pretty crappy for the expensive model it was and the keyboard, for which I bought it , had too small keys, though HTC claims it were my fingers that were too large. What do they know, anyway.Furthermore, the model wasn't supported by my carrier and MMS blogging never really worked.I know got a simplier more responsive, stil feature rich cell phone, fully supported by the carrier. I hope. 😆

  6. see-a-dream, thanks!

  7. i like wonderfull.

  8. operainchicago

    Hi boyz, Your new phones look very cool, and that OMini works for ya'll 🙂

  9. nice to meet you. im vinh…and you

  10. Hi Vinh. Nice to see you. :up:

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