get my fix of morning trance

I enjoy waking up to a good coffee, some e-mail, the opera community, and some trance from SomaFM. My favorite channel on Soma is Tag's Trip. Trance music has a bit of an edge to it, but at least it's usually melodic and it gets me awake for the day. It also reminds me of many nice clubs and bars I've been to around the world. I love to walk into a good club that has heavy air conditioning, people dancing all over, and getting myself a nice freaky drink, usually some shade of blue or green. I'm well past the years when people would buy me a cocktail in a club. 😀 Now I have to do the buying, and there are NEVER any strings attached. 😆

There's a myOpera community member who is a great DJ who uploads music that I like. His name on opera is Dedo Digital. His latest set is called Ave. Fenix (beta version). I love it and he's got it available for download.

High-speed net has done so much for aural pleasure. I'd love to hear of some other net radio stations where people like to get music.

4 responses to “get my fix of morning trance

  1. have an amazing Sunday 🙂

  2. here in argentina with very hot, and making music

  3. I love all kinds of musical styles, rock, hip hop, regaetom, Celtic music etc, etc,.My big weakness is the trance music and my passion is to create sounds … excellent post.

  4. Hello emolasleira. :up:

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