truisms about the telephone

The telephone:

It will sit there, hour after hour, sometimes day after day, dormant, dead, hibernating. It doesn't ring. In fact, it's been so long that you keep checking on it to see if it's working properly.

The phone will never ring until you do one of the following:

  • take a bath
  • sit on the toilet
  • do some other things 😉 😀

…then it's ring city!

Other truisms:

If you have multiple phones, like work mobile, personal mobile, and landline, they will all ring at the same time. Then when you decide who the lucky winner is going to be and answer the call, that will be the phone that also gets a call-in-waiting AND a text, all at the same time, while the other two are beeping away with voicemail alerts…and some texts, too.

Yet another:

All three phones will ring, AND there will be a knock at the door, all at the precise moment that you have put one shoe on but not yet the other, and one of the phone's ID screens will be saying "police department."

…and then!

Nah, that's enough. 😀

5 responses to “truisms about the telephone

  1. Uhm ….. That's when you turn the phone(s) off 😆

  2. :lol:not to many calls here just messages popping in often.

  3. … Also you are most likely to run out of balance on your phone when you need it the Most.

  4. I just got an e-mail this afternoon, Christmas Eve, from the carrier for the landline phone. Rates are going up, effective 3 weeks ago, lol.Ho, ho, HO! :p

  5. I couldnt agree more.:lol:

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