easy, quiet, tranquil christmas eve

Had some nice wine. :wine: Yummm! I reflected on the nice folks I've met online, mostly on my opera. I had some nice net greetings today from Vietnam, Paris, Mexico, Uruguay, USA, and other places.

Our tree as seen through the webcam:

9 responses to “easy, quiet, tranquil christmas eve

  1. Very nice…….. I watched It's a Wonderful Life with family…..Have a very Merry Christmas tomorrow……Huggles,Taz

  2. Nice :cool:The blue glow next to the tree looks magical.

  3. Hi Dave, Merry Christmas.:cheers:

  4. The blue glow next to the tree looks magical

    X-Files! They were out there.

    Hi Dave, Merry Christmas

    Hey Mike. We didn't get any snow this year, only rain. I was thinking about pretty Moscow in the snow.

  5. It's Christmas! It's Christmas! It's Christmas! Happy One to YOU!!!!

  6. Hey Dave. Alas we dont have any snow now. So pretty Moscow in the snow is a dream.:( Your tree is great.:yes:

  7. hey MIKE, u can have some of my snow…we got about 3 1/2 feet over the last week….lmao

  8. Hey SqueakeyCat, it it a great idea to have some of your snow.:yes:

  9. come and get it b4 it gets ne higher…its almost to the bottom of my window…look for the pics in my new photo album….am in the process of posting it now…so watch for it

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