the puppy runs great on the sylvania meso netbook

I'm still having a helluva good time with my Sylvania netbook that I got back in November.

For the heck of it, I downloaded Puppy Linux and installed it on a USB stick. The netbook boots the Puppy from the USB and, viola! It's a cute-as-can-be system and runs fast as blazes. I changed the appearance around a little (the snowman wallpaper), installed Opera, then saved it all back to the USB stick for next time.

It was fun on a cold night.

Image below loads from flickr, so you can see it bigger if you wanna. Select "all sizes" after landing on flickr.

Puppy Linux Booted on the Sylvania Meso

14 responses to “the puppy runs great on the sylvania meso netbook

  1. Puppy linux is a great distribution, as well as Damn Small Linux. Both are very fast and interesting to tinker with.I miss a pc to experiment with all of them distros.Merry Christmas.

  2. I like the way when you test the sound with Puppy, it barks at you.

  3. :lol:That must be new.It did not do that three years ago.Of course, it was still foetal then. 😀

  4. Do you use fetal as first spelling option?In this case I used the oe option because it resembled most foreign languages' spelling.Also I usually spell either wrong or UK English.We never learned American English back in my school days.

  5. fetal! – I had to look that one up, lol.–adjective Embryology. of, pertaining to, or having the character of a fetus.Also, foetal.T'was the spellin' that got me. 😀 Language Translation for : foetal Spanish: fetal, German: Fötus-…, Japanese: 胎児のView 29 other languages »hehe

  6. Again I would use the latter as it is similar to the french.

  7. Yeah, "fetal" would be the one I'd use, probably from being on this side of the water. Try not to use those UK spellings. They know very little about English there. 😉 This one always makes me reach for a dictionary, too many vowels:maneuvermanoeuvre

  8. I landed at Heathrow one summer and took the "tube" into town. At the station I started stopping people and asking for directions to a hopefully nearby street. A few didn't speak English, a few were also from out of town like me and didn't know, and the first two "Londoners" I encountered, I couldn't understand, which embarrassed me and them.Silently in my mind: "Damn! Doesn't anybody around here speak English!" 😆 Lol, so go the funnies of distance and travel.

  9. Even in this little country, people from the east don't understand much of what people of the west are saying, when they speak their dialect.We're a long way from the puppy btw 😀

  10. Sweet puppy! He'll come back home eventually.

  11. Bringing the puppy home…Which is better to run of a USB stick? DSL or puppy… Drifting back offtopic…Back in school spellings were subject sensitive… For Computer applications, 'color' or the ruddy thing wouldn't compile.For English, 'colour' or the teacher would blow her top.

  12. Woot topless teachers eh?Computer related english is american spelling, hardly a surprise, old chap. 😉

  13. Yup…Guys this side of the Ocean invented the language and folks that side put it into a machine…. 😛

  14. You mean it is all typos? 😀

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