ever seen a contrabass flute?

Brian and His Contra, originally uploaded by NCreedplayer.

Here you can see reedplayernc carrying one. BIG flute! Looks like some kind of funny vacuum cleaner.

6 responses to “ever seen a contrabass flute?

  1. It looks like a big truck silencer, customized.

  2. lol, excellent. Can't wait to show brian your comment later! 🙂

  3. Family of the clarinet, is it?I bet it has a very beautiful sound.

  4. Brian is the expert, but I assume flute/clarinet are all woodwind family. His contrabass is made from PVC pipe. I need to get him to upload a sound sample.

  5. Heres a video of some guy playing the contrabass flute: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiqPn3d_dKMLooks cool, Sounds great.

  6. Thanks. I'm going to watch the vid as soon as I get home late tonight. I think I should get the camcorder out and see if Brian will do a recording for us.

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