club fantasy

It's got to be everything you ever dreamed of. These "adult entertainment" places cling to the South Carolina interstate highways like barnacles to a boat's hull. I wonder what goes on in there?
I've never been in one. Is there a special arrangement where you can go "all the way" if you lay out the cash? You know that it really must be top quality and totally fulfilling.

This concludes my mindless photo tour of my workweek in South Carolina. I head northward to home later tonight after a brief shift at work, but I have to come back for two days next week.

2 responses to “club fantasy

  1. I bet the ladythat put the sign, still works there. :lol:It's forbidden here now, officially, and unofficially it's being discouraged.But a country with max width of 200 miles is crossed quickly by eager truckers.In the Netherland and France they find plenty entertainment.

  2. Ah, the French. I remember a special night in Paris years ago. *sigh*

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