should i buy this?

Here it is on Amazon for $349.99. Runs Linux. Windows verboten hier. I could use it for all the traveling I do, though it would be more stuff to lug around, and free wireless is shrinking by the day. Everybody has their hand out for a nickel here, a dime there, or a freakin' $10 for hotel room access for a few hours. Public libraries (you know, those liberal citadels of subversive thought) are usually the key for a quick connect. 😉

It only weighs 2.2 pounds. That's the same as a kilo of weed. What should I do. Buy now? Pissing money into the wind?

Getting it would mean even more of my mindless myopera posting from the road. :p

Tell me. Save the money? But it now? Continue with the cell phone and Opera Mini? I obviously can't make decisions on my own.

12 responses to “should i buy this?

  1. There are other similar products like the Dell mini in the same class of price. I've tried to go around with a full notebook and I think the weight and size is a big problem when you are always on the move. I can think of worse ways to spend 300-400 dollars. I would buy it if makes your life easier while you are traveling around for the good fellas. I don't think prices will drop because new models will come out.

  2. :confused: I cant make up my mind either. considering the fact that you're on the road so often and that you can get free internet access points it seems to be like a good thing to get but then again donno if it's the right time yet considering how soon prices drop.

  3. I can think of worse ways to spend 300-400 dollars

    I love that thinking! I'm starting to fondle the credit card. 😀

  4. ORDERED IT! lol. w00t! :p 😀 :hat:

  5. It's not like I'm a weak willed shopper, but due to intense pressure from Lorenzo and reedplayernc, I was almost *forced* to order it. 😆 It's a cute little thing, and I think I'll enjoy it a lot.

  6. WOOT :yes:

  7. lol. Selurus played it down the middle, but I think he was pressuring me a little,too. Ok, everybody needs to pony up a little cash for taking part in this conspiracy. :p

  8. Soon as I can get 'er delivered and booted, I'll post some screenshots and comments. I'll have to see if I like the installed Ubuntu (probably will) or if I want to put something else on it. Sylvania is mostly known for making lightbulbs, but I think it's probably a rebranded product anyway. Gary, you should whip out a laptop on the Mex. City metro late at night and speak English loudly!

  9. Its really hard to resist. :PCant wait for the delivery post 😀

  10. It's scheduled to arrive on wednesday. 🙂

  11. That's tomorrow.I am waiting the rview too. Seems like a nice gadget.

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