update on being violently ill in a hotel room

Wow, this sucks. The picture says it all. Popping Peptos like candy. I watched a CNN special tonight on Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple. That's all that is going on.

5 responses to “update on being violently ill in a hotel room

  1. darn it , it looks depressing !there are so many people in New York City with a stomach Virus, I hope you don't have any of those,it was all over the news yesterday! feel better,and come home soon 🙂

  2. It maybe Clostridium Diifficile, in which case you'ld need antibiotics.O, my guess, salmonella, from the dairy and fruits att the scottish resto.Take care mate. Have it checked if possible. Watch out for dehydration.

  3. :love:I am glad you are back safe!

  4. Yay! I woke up this morning and felt so much better. Last night I ran a quick high fever that made me feel weak and drunk, so I was pretty bummed, being alone away from home and all. The fever broke overnight I guess.I made it to work today and survived the long drive home without any unplanned stops.I don't handle those internal problems very well, but at least they usually pass quickly. I can handle things like cuts or pulled muscles so much better. Heck, even with a broken leg you could prop up in the bed with a fried chicken leg in one hand, an iced tea in the other, some cable TV, and still have a pretty good time. It would take too long to mend though.Thanks for the love you two! :love:

  5. Don't mention it. 😉 Good to know you're feeling better.

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