the downside of traveling, getting sick

Although I sometimes enjoy the traveling for my job, the bad thing is having to eat a lot of food while on the road. I woke up this morning with a metallic taste in my mouth and a major intestinal "disturbance". I went on into work because it was a short shift and I didn't want to blow my quarterly perfect attendance bonus. There's nothing like pulling up to the job site and telling the contact, "my ass is on a rampage and I need to destroy your bathroom…it's going to be like thermonuclear war in there!" It makes a great impression for the customer! It also makes a nice blog post! Thanks for sharing, right? lol. Sorry. 😉

13 responses to “the downside of traveling, getting sick

  1. 😦 sorry you are not feeling so great…I hope the hotel has a first aid dept or you can visit a pharmacist …. I wish you well

  2. Thanks to you all. Dinner tonight was a McDonald's fruit and yogurt parfait and two Pepto tablets.

  3. Outside food doesn't behave well with me too sometimes. Gotta check what the :chef: s are up to. Get well soon. 🙂

  4. I am going to see the update ….—————————————->

  5. White bowls, beware!I hope you're feeling better and that the "bathroom demolition" tour has come to an end. :left:

  6. "bathroom demolition" tour

    The capital of South Carolina had to be evacuated due to this event. They will be allowed to return in a few weeks. 😀

  7. Thanks for sharing. A feat for the senses. 😀

  8. After the army and 100 people's poop removed with a shovel (not counting the poop on the walls) you can't impress me with your toilet performance. 🙂

  9. OMG! :eyes:

  10. The rain?The powers of heaven, you mean. ;)Imagine passing by when someone decides to flush …:eyes:This is getting nasty. :left:

  11. Well, consider that till modern ages across all Europe people simply pooped in a bucket and then threw poop out of the door right in the middle of the narrow streets. Then they waited for the rain to clean it.

  12. This is getting nasty.

    Hmmmmm! :up:

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