west hollywood

I'm working all this week just north of Los Angeles, so I got in touch with an old net buddy with whom I've been chatting for almost 10 years who lives in West Hollywood. We have never met in person, just nearly a decade of instant messages. We met last night and went out to eat together. What a nice visit it was. He's a warm wonderful person. Sometimes life can be rather amazing. I was glad we decided to finally meet. On the way to where he lives, I drove on Santa Monica Boulevard and passed Beverly Hills. So many famous places are near Los Angeles. Who can I visit next?

7 responses to “west hollywood

  1. hey gary. i didn't go to the pier this time but i was there the last time my work took me out this way years ago. i think forrest gump sat on that pier. this time i just hung out with the boys in west hollywood. 😉

  2. Are you in contact to anybody living on the Svalbard islands?

  3. Svalbard Islands? I had to run a search on that one.Uhhh, nope? Are you?

  4. the Internet has changed and so I did

    I think I know what you mean. As for me, I've always liked socializing online the most. Now it's harder to socialize. The big chats are gone. It's all IM, and barely even that.My "west hollywood" friend mentioned above has been a supremely good chat buddy for me for nearly a decade. Over that many years I felt we knew each other pretty well in a text mode sort of way. It really pleased me so much to finally gaze directly upon the friend who was behind all those years of typing. It may sound silly, but I was rather moved by it all. 😎 I get emotionally gushy quite easily! :worried:

  5. In these days I am not in contact with many people because the Internet has changed and so I did. Once I had buddies in exotic places all over the world.

  6. :eyes: I dont know what to say. I dont know what has happened. I dont know why you are on the west coast. OMG! I want to talk to you so so so badly!

  7. hey noah. i sent you an e-mail just now. we'll catch up on what's been going on as soon as possible. i have all of next week free. in fact, i'm getting almost the entire month of december off! my company says i have excessive vacation time saved up, so they offered me december. i hope to chat with you next week and a lot in december.

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