trapped in detroit

Coming home from Philadelphia, my flight left late as usual and I missed my connection in Detroit. I haven't made but one connection in the past two months. Unless it's the first couple of flights in the morning, it's almost a sure thing that you won't get home the same day. One thing that was wonderful, Northwest Airlines gave me a nice hotel room for the night, unlike Delta who left me in a real jam in Atlanta last time. The Delta agents were pretty mean to me, too. Go Northwest! When I have a choice with whom to fly, I pick you. The pic is from the connecting tunnel between terminals A and C in Detroit. It's a real nice moving light show with surreal music playing. Be home Thursday morning, I hope.

See the image full-size here.

9 responses to “trapped in detroit

  1. 😎 tunnelit literally transports you to another place 😛

  2. I would like that so much! I would also like some virtual transport from that tunnel.

  3. :DJust dreaming :zzz:

  4. selrus, I always enjoy your insight and thinking so much. You are truly one of the many great people I have met on my opera.

  5. I got to pass through the tunnel again this morning. I think it's circular in that I'm back almost at the same place I was last night. Maybe I was just here but experienced a 12 hour tunnel warp.

  6. For some reason I recall a strange transporter that was called a "Ford" being invoved. The alien piloting this Ford made all of us passengers get out and enter a structure called a "Days Inn". Somehow I survived this voyage without getting an alien probing….darn it! The Ford pilot shreaked from time to time in a language I did not understand. Some of the other passengers of the Ford were pilots of other devices called "Boeings". It was bizarre.

  7. lucky you didn't get lost in another dimension. only person I know who survived through a black hole. 😆

  8. glad you made it back to base in one piece. 😀

  9. Hey Selurus,I thought of you when I ran across this music. It's space music. Maybe you like it, not sure. It's a free and legal download from a guy called Phrozenlight. All 5 albums are pretty good.Download Phrozenlight at Jamendo.

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