driving by philadelphia

I'm working near Philly this week. It makes me think about Ben Franklin, the Continental Congress, the Liberty Bell, and other things. There's also a fun grunge district where you can see lots of cool strange people being themselves. Home Wednesday night, then I'm off all next week. Are you coming by to drink beer with us on the patio while the weather is still good? All are welcome.

Larger image here.

6 responses to “driving by philadelphia

  1. I hope I can! :yes: -beer 😀

  2. hey noah. I'm stuck on the ground in philadelphia on a flight delay. not sure when I'll get home. would be nice to have a patio party with ya.

  3. Yeah, wonder what your like when your drunK. 😆

  4. Please don't insult the beer like that!

  5. WHO says I get drunk? Vicious lies. Damned lies! lol

  6. 😆 I don't know. I thought getting drunk was the whole point why people drink. Because beer isn't a natural flavor.

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