what kind of booze do you like?

I'm primarily thinking of distilled spirits, liquor, or hard liquor, rather than wine, beer, or liqueur, though I do find some types of liqueur very attractive.

Here's a quick rundown of some that I have tangled with in mild order of preference:

Tequila: My favorite! Also known as "liquid Spanish in a bottle". A few shots and you, too, can speak Spanish like a native. I like the way it tastes and smells. Some tequilas are good for sipping, some are better for doing shots, almost all are good mixed in a cocktail. Some brands I like are Herradura and El Jimador. Actually one of my favorites is the plain ol' Cuervo Gold, also known as Cuervo Especial. I practically grew up on it. I find the somewhat sharp aroma of it to be delightful. It's not the finest tequila, but I like it anyway. It's always a hit at a party.

Vodka: Reliable and somewhat wonderful. I find a screwdriver (vodka and orange juice) to be very refreshing, though tequila is also a winner in orange juice. A nice dry vodka martini can also hit the spot.

Gin: Absolutely the only one I like is Tanqueray. I like it with tonic and lime, or with lime-flavored Perrier. A gin martini is ok sometimes. I have to watch out for gin, it sometimes destabilizes my stomach.

Rum: Sometimes I find rum to be ok. We had a lot of fun with it when we were in Havana in 2005. Every night in Havana, 100's of people come out and sit on the sea wall known as the Malecon to socialize, and many sip the famous Havana Club rum. Be careful, it can make your clothes fall off!

Bourbon: I used to like Wild Turkey years ago but now can't stand any bourbon.

Whiskey: I don't like it. Let the cowboys drink it, not me.

Scotch: Absolutely the most dag-nasty stuff ever invented. It's an "acquired taste". Yeah, right. I'd rather drink urine (no offense to those who are into that).

Cannibis: I'm just throwing this in here as a conversation starter. Want some weed? Sure you do! Not that I know personally, but some people say it's rather lovely! I still remember Mr. Haney calling it Mary-J-Hyena on the old American TV series Green Acres.

Any thoughts?

2 responses to “what kind of booze do you like?

  1. What could be better than a screwdriver? Very refreshing. Gin with tonic is also very good. I prefer Beefeater and Gordons. And Schweppes Indian Tonic. Its for real machos:D

  2. I'm thirsty right now in fact!

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