the new patio

Here's the new patio I've mentioned some previously. This is where the drink sippin' and grilling will take place all this summer. Usually we go to Mexico every summer, or burningman, but this year the patio took the vacation money. We'll have to get some torches and make a little Tiki bar. Then we can pretend we're on vacation every weekend. Everyone is welcome to come along. :wine: :beer:

3 responses to “the new patio

  1. Great patio! Hanging out in the yard with the grill goin' and some good beer in the cooler is the life! I love my patio. I have a tiny little back yard but I did manage to squeeze a pool back there and my wife bought me a totally sweet gas grill…it is paradise. It's like a little mini vacation every weekend. Now if it would just stop raining!

  2. Hey bravo331,I'm just going to have to shoot by there, guzzle your beer, eat your food, swim in your pool, then check out that *buntu install you're trying! 😀 You setup sounds great!

  3. :up: Nice work!!! Theres a party on my blog, first post, swing by if ya want 🙂

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