today’s hardy heron update hosed some apps on kubuntu, maybe

There was a little update on my Kubuntu box today that was troublesome, but it looks like the (K)Ubuntu team fixed it within just a few hours. The offending file was libtotem-plparser10, and you can read about the bug here. The file would update and install, but the update manager would keep saying it needed updating no matter how many times you re-updated it. Very quickly a fix was sent out to the update servers and then the file would update just fine.

This may be coincidence, but just after this problem with the libtotem-plparser10 update, my Amarok music player began to malfunction, which caused me some stress, because my entire music collection is organized by it, and I was looking forward to some good music with my morning coffee. Amarok would try to start, crash, then would try to call up the Thunderbird e-mail client for some reason. Did the libtotem-plparser10 problem hose my Amarok? Dunno, but even after the update problem was fixed, Amarok would not run. I was sad. My morning music was sorely needed. 😦 I had some organic Peruvian coffee all ready to go, and I didn't want to have to hunt for my groovy music from Jamendo using another app.

Anyway, I'd forgotten the oldest fix in the book: delete the Amarok config files and restart the app. Worked like a charm. Amarok just needed a minute to re-index my collection and all was well again. Whew!

On Linux, your Amarok config files will probably be here:
/home/yourusername/.kde/share/apps/amarok/ (delete that entire amarok directory at the end)
/home/yourusername/.kde/share/config/amarokrc (delete that amarokrc file at the end)

This is the first time ever I've ever seen an update do anything negative on my Kubuntu box, and it may not have even been the Amarok problem, but I was impressed at the speed of the fix. Kubuntu and Ubuntu live a little closer to the bleeding edge than some, so it's nice that there have actually been so few problems. Some Linux distros are known for their careful stability over being bleeding edge, and that's fine too, depending on your wants and needs. Slackware and Debian come to mind in that area.

There's fun for all out there. It just depends what you're into. I like it!

14 responses to “today’s hardy heron update hosed some apps on kubuntu, maybe

  1. Downside of deleting Amarok settings is losing ratings and tags. Though it's always possible of keeping backups of collection.db.

  2. I had problems with an update once… but it was because the update was for the whole X server, and now the touchscreen is a little… nervous… heheheehe…Other than that, my Debian boxes work like charms too…

  3. I know what U mean.Debian, that's gooood! 😎

  4. I've had problems with Mandrake upgrades for years. It was like one day they just stopped working properly. A couple of months ago I suddenly sussed the problem.My CD/DVD player is shot.You'd think I'd have noticed that earlier…

  5. KDE is doing okay running from disk. I may go back to wubi and trykubuntu this next time. ubuntu kept telling me to go to partition menu 🙄

  6. I like KDE a lot, partly due to familiarity. I've used it for ages. It's pretty and the apps work like a charm. I usually install a great deal of Gnome apps, too.I don't know what's up with wubi as I've never used it. Partition menu? These partitions would vary depending on if you're putting Ubuntu on the same hard drive as Windows, or if it's getting it's own drive. Linux will need a minimum of 2 partitions, Linux native and swap. Native will be the big one and where all the stuff goes. Swap is just room on the hard drive for when you exceed the RAM.I dunno if maybe wubi skipped a partitioning step, then when it came time to install the Linux, the question of "where are my partitions?" came up?Years ago when I used to put Linux on a shared drive with Windows, it was sometimes tense, as it would be easy to erase the existing Windows with a single keystroke.

  7. hasenpfeffer???

  8. what on earth is making you boys so hungry? hmmmm….

  9. hasenpfeffer is an old bugs bunny reference. We're steeped in high culture over here.

  10. :eyes: holy chit da wabbit died!

  11. one of my favorites was "the wabbit of seville". lots of fun plus education in classical music. also, it was "Tom and Jerry" who first introduced me to some damned good piano works by Franz Listz. lol

  12. "I kilt da waaaabitI kilt da waaaabit"I only vaguely wemember that. Was it Wagner?

  13. not sure! I might have to start watching some of them again. There's all kinds of subtle stuff in the old WB Bugs Bunny cartoons. He even did a little subtle propaganda for WWII. I remember Bugs talking about the gremlins messing with the airplanes.

  14. I remember that one. At the end they are in a power divein a big bomber. And about 4-5 ft from slammin into the ground, it runs outta gas :devil:

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