mystery volvo near my house

It's been out there since Friday night. The person in the driver's seat sits with the car ALL day (you can see her head slightly in the pic). Somebody comes by every now and then and helps her try to get it started, otherwise she's alone in that driver's seat all day. They use alcohol starting spray and jumper cables a lot, but I haven't yet heard the engine run. At night the car is empty, unless she's lying down inside and I just can't see her. She's probably staying with the other person who comes by and tries to start it.

The car is a Volvo, 240 Series, which has been one of my favorite models for decades. This one looks old and worn, and obviously has severe engine/electrical problems now. Being an older imported car, it's probably beyond the means of the owner to keep it running, but I guess she's probably trapped in a situation beyond her control with it. It has out-of-state Jersey plates on it.

And no, I'm not going over there and get involved. She's looks ok, and has that regular visitor.

Later in afternoon: Actually I think I'll go over there later and ask her what's up. Giving it just a little longer.

Update: I went out and spoke to her at 7PM. She'd been out there all day by then. She's coherent and lucid, but something was a little amiss, not sure what. I was able to ascertain that she was ok and not in trouble. She has a working cell phone and said both her son and son-in-law were aware that she was there and waiting, but they were both at work and were unable to come for her right away. She seemed a bit pissed about that. She declined a snack and bottled water saying she was too knotted up by this to eat. During the chat she talked about the Volvo a little, saying that the car was a mess, but it got good gas mileage and she liked imported cars like that one. She had an MG years ago that she remembered fondly.

At 9PM, she's gone. The car is staying another night. She spent most all weekend out there. Who knows!

4 responses to “mystery volvo near my house

  1. It took her about 5 days, but she got it towed. I have a pic of the event to post later. It was a worn aging car, but it's one of my favorite models. I think she loves the car because around the license plate there was a frame that said "Brenda's Volvo".I suspect the fuel injection was screwed up…just guessing though. She'd also run the tank dry and maybe sucked trash down into the system. I think older fuel injected cars gave big problems when run out of gas. Maybe that played a part.

  2. Where did she go if the car is still there? Maybe you should have called the cops.

  3. I almost always run my car down till the fuel light comes on. Maybe i should stop that. Well it is my first car anyway, hope to sell it by the end of the year

  4. haha!

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