memorial day weekend

I love a holiday weekend, even if I don't get any special time off for it. I'm trying to decide what to do.

Some tentative plans are:

  • a little beer drinkin'
  • dog walks in the park with those two in the pic to the left
  • Internet radio roaring away in the house
  • some good recorded Law & Order on the TV
  • reading some news that is not sanctioned by the corporate media
  • some grilling on the new patio. w00t!
  • taking pics
  • looking at pics 😀 (think usenet)
  • going out to the bar/disco on Saturday night
  • playing on my opera!

5 responses to “memorial day weekend

  1. I like the grill

  2. Lunch Sunday then!

  3. I love internet radio, but just occasionally I get this twinge, a little something inside of me really regrets the passing of the days when picking up CKLW on your little bed-time radio was something to tell everyone you know and a lot of people that you've never seen before in your life about.

  4. I had to look up CKLW. Good story. I used to DX the AM band some years ago. That's back when "clear channel" meant some AM stations had protection from interference at night. Nowadays I think Clear Channel means a media conglomerate that plays the same boring format coast to coast. :p

  5. I bought a wartime ex-military receiver for listening to the world. OK, I actually bought it to listen to the offshore radio stations, but it's weird that in the event I picked up Canada on my little trannie. I spent hours trying to find Wolfman Jack on XERB on that thing too…I don't understand the radio authority allowing conglomerates to take over the radio waves. It can't be good for any of the things they're supposed to stand for. Out in the car I've picked up stations on AM that appeared to be working from the exact same playlist as each other. Different ads, different jocks, and slightly different timing, but the same records in the same order.No one can tell me that those two stations were competing.

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