relaxing weekend on tap after the excitement of MOTW

We'll, it was exciting. Being MOTW on MyOpera was a hoot! I met a lot of fun, nice, and interesting people, and rekindled with a few others. We talked beer, Linux, sex (gasp!), cute tummies, politics, all kinds of things. It's amazing. What is a software company doing running such a nice community. It's good that Opera doesn't just take, take, take, like a lot of companies do. They give back a lot. It's that, and the coolness, that makes Opera about the only proprietary exception on my computer. Otherwise I'm pretty militant about using only free software. I've used Opera since my Windows95 days and have been very pleased with it, and this community is total icing on the cake.

Our patio has been installed, and we're looking forward to some nice weather for some drink sippin' and cooking out on it. I think some tiki torches are in order, maybe a little tiki bar! Pics will follow soon.

I'm thinking about getting a cheap used laptop to sling around the house for streaming music or quick 'net lookups of things. I just want a little laptop to tap into the wireless for out on the patio, or on the coffee table. I think one of the lightweight Linux distros, like Puppy Linux or Xubuntu, might be perfect for it. They are probably fun distros to learn and use, too.

I went to the library (where all the subversives roam), got a good book, and have some good TV recorded. I'll roam the blogs on my opera, look at the great photography, and take a few pics of my own to upload, maybe even upload some video.

Stop by and say hello, either here on on the Jabber IM network. Don't be shy. :p

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