i saw strange mobile graffiti today (no pic, sorry)

I was driving on I-40 near Winston-Salem, North Carolina today when I saw some unusual graffiti on the back of an 18-wheeler. You know how sometimes you see the back of a dirty truck or car, and somebody will have written "wash me!" in the grime with their finger. The back of this truck had the largest drawing I have ever seen of a woman's torso and vagina! This graffiti must have been at least 9 feet tall, and it was so realistic! I haven't seen many vaginas in my lifetime, but I think you could have taught an anatomy class with this one.

If only I'd had my camera with me. It would have made a great upload to our flickr page.

I wonder who the talented artist was? Maybe it was even the driver. I laughed almost all the way home. That thing was funny, and so many people must have seen it in the heavy traffic.

It made my day.

6 responses to “i saw strange mobile graffiti today (no pic, sorry)

  1. Ok Dear… No Problem, Nice 2 meet U… 😉

  2. Hi rasai,Thank you for the comment. Don't worry about the English. It's ok. I'm sorry I do not know any Farsi.your friend,David

  3. Hi Dear…Thank you for coming, but im so sorry, I understand english a little bit.. Take care.. 😉

  4. i would like to see that drawing, you should carry your camera all the time, what a loss,the good picture to see in a traffic jam.

  5. OMG I know! I missed a real opportunity there.It was so clever and creative, and there was nothing anyone could do about it in the traffic.

  6. What a pity.

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