coffee or tea?

Ahhh, coffee. This post is already reminding me of an old Cuban song "todos los negros tomamos

I usually prefer coffee, but with my stomach getting more delicate each year, I'm trying to like tea more. As for coffee, I buy whole bean coffee, usually something from Starbucks or Earthfare. I've tried over and over to like the coffee sold at the local independent coffee shop, but their beans are almost always dry and dusty.

As for take-out coffee on the run, McDonald's is kicking some butt these days. It's very good. It amazes me that regional favorite place for breakfast, Bojangle's, has generally horrible coffee. It's a real deal breaker at breakfast time.

As for tea, I've always been fond of Earl Grey or green tea. Both also make for delicious iced tea in the summer, especially the green tea.

So, do you prefer coffee or tea, and what do you like?

17 responses to “coffee or tea?

  1. I prefer coffee. But it has to be decaff cause if not I get too anxious :insane: When I don;t drink decaff coffee, every 100 years, I like Costa Rican coffee.:coffee: I like tea too, green tea is, so I mix it with another tea like orange or strawberry. Then it is delicious!:yes:

  2. Thanks for the comment. This will give me some new ideas. :happy: I know what you mean about "anxious". It's s deamon that I've had to learn to live with. No need to provoke it with too much caffeine.

  3. arghh, yes!!:insane: it sucks to be anxious! but you can still find some good decaf :yes:

  4. i like coffee, especially italian in the morning, and i drink a couple of cups of green tea during the day, as for McDonalds, i am too lazy to go there to have a cup of coffee. Earl Grey is very good with that taste of bergamot oil, and i like to have it with a tad of milk. Is right to use here the word"tad"?:D

  5. lol, perfect Mike. You can even swap in the words "with just a splash of milk". "tad" sounds a little better, I think.Sometimes I've seen guys with the name Tad. Maybe it is short for "Thaddaeus"?

  6. I dunno about it. Can you tell me the meaning of the phrase" come undone"? I have heard that many times, but i aint get it.

  7. You ain't gittin' it? lol. That's ok. The practice is fun, and I'm enjoying it immensely."to come undone".Literally, when something comes undone, like hose, socks, or stockings, it is when the fabric or stitching comes apart or unravels. Also, to become unfastened. Your shoelace has come undone.–You have probably heard another use of it more: when a person comes undone, it is like losing control of one's emotions.Ex: I came undone when Bush was selected winner of the last election. / When she told me goodbye, I came undone. / Every time I drink too much, I come undone.–There are probably better explanations than those, but I tried!Now we should go on a treasure hunt. What is a 'merkin? Who does this relate to? lol.Buena suerte / good luckdave

  8. Thanks for it.You did it very good. What is a merkin? I do not know the word.By the way what is the date of elections of the new President? Do you know who is my favorite President of the USA? Ronald Reagan. And FDR.

  9. Hey Mike,The party primaries are going on right now. It depends on which state you are in as to when the primary is. The general election is this fall on November 4th.I can understand FDR, but we will never agree on Reagan. I don't feel like he was awake for his presidency, especially towards the end, and I cannot forgive the abuse of Central America during this time, the details of which are still hard to come by.We'll never agree on a lot of things, Mike, but we're gonna be friends still, right? For me, that's what it's all about. 🙂 I have many friends who are very different than I. As long as they don't have a basement full of corpses, I'm usually OK will all the rest, lol. I have my beliefs and opinions, but I try to never get personal or insult someone for theirs. Sometimes it's a challenge, but I've always thought it was a good way to operate.The word "merkin", I'm making a little fun of "that president" on this one. He sometimes says "I'm proud to be a 'Merkin." It's his accent, lol. Translation: "proud to be an American." When he says it, it sounds like "amurrahkin." Of course whenever I hear "that voice", I try to change the station rapidly.Nice to chat again. You're a good net bud! 😀

  10. I go through phases of drinking tea and at other times I just need that shot of coffee. I am trying to cut down on both at the moment and drink more water – since it's healthier :yes:At the moment I am in my coffee phase though. I do like my spiced tea from time to time (mostly a month at a time).J.

  11. Hi Dave, i aint know nothing about abuse of Central America, i mean Reagan was the first who made connections with the former USSR, both our countries are the greatest countries in the world, and i am very happy that i have the friend from the USA. I often watch CNN and when i hear mr.Bush i have some problems with understanding, where is he from originally? Texas? And i like that thing about a merkin. Do you have more friends from Russia? Or am I the only one? And one more thing about presidents- whats your attitude to JFK? Do you know anything about Russian President Vladimir Putin?

  12. Chai tea is very good :yes:

  13. It was sunny and hot here today. I kept thinking about a pitcher of iced green tea, lightly sweetened.We might make margaritas later as sort of a welcome for summer.

  14. Hi Mike,I went to a flea market today, in other words an "antiques festival", and I saw a button (lapel pin) that said "President Reagan" on it. I would never buy such a thing for myself, but I thought it would be a good gift for you. The man wanted $15 for it, and I thought that was too much, so I did not get it. I will keep watching, as I frequently see them, and they should cost about $5 or less. I will buy one for you when I see another one for a better price.Without doing some research first, I do not know much about Vladimir Putin.As for JFK, I had always been taught that he was one of history's greatest. As I read, study, and learn more, I'm no longer sure what to believe. Was JFK ok, I don't know! I think he and LBJ were probably good on civil rights and social programs, but the two of them presided over the start and continuance of that horror in Vietnam, of which we are having a reprise these days. So, I just don't know.One aspect of the superpowers that has always fascinated me was the usa/ussr "space race". As a child, I was a big fan of NASA, especially the Gemini and Apollo programs. I would stay up night and day to watch the missions on TV. I've read many fascinating books about these programs. I have started to study the Russian space program more. There are many books about it, too, that I did not previously know about. Many of the books about the Russian program have been recommended by the NASA astronauts. It amazes and fascinates me.Strange world, indeed! 😎

  15. BTW, if you want to see some pics of the antiques festival where I saw the Reagan button, I did a blog post about it here.We love flea markets.

  16. I love flea markets too, i wish i was there. Today i saw the news and i liked the part where Mr. Bush was trying to conduct an orchestra, have you seen that? I think it was very nice:D . Have you bought anything at flea market? By the way I liked your video about voting, i think its very convenient to deal with electronic stuff, as for Moscow when it comes to voting we use sheets of paper and a marker.:) But who knows what is the best way?

  17. I would prefer paper and a marker. Less hackable.Nooo, did not see GWB. It's best that way, lol.

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