brad will, journalists, oaxaca, peoples temple

It looks like two more journalists were killed in Oaxaca recently. This reminds me of what happened in 2006 when one of my favorite photo journalists, Brad Will, was shot in Oaxaca City, probably by local officials who have never been arrested for it.

Brad's death was especially shocking in that he was filming while it happened, and he captured his killers on videotape. This reminds me of the The Port Kaituma airstrip shootings in 1978 when NBC cameraman Bob Brown, after returning from Jonestown, Guyana, captured video of the killers on the runway as he lay dead beside his running camera (also see Peoples Temple).

April, 2003 was another bad date for journalists.

I notice every time reporters and journalists get killed. Here's another one. In this world run amuck, sometimes good investigative journalists are the last line of defense. It's a noble profession that is under assault in so many ways.

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