Have you ever heard of ROT13? It's part of our proud Internet heritage ya know. I think I'll start writing my blog in it. :devil: In most Linux distros, it's part of the bsdgames package.

Unir lbh rire urneq bs EBG13? Vg'f cneg bs bhe cebhq Vagrearg urevgntr ln xabj. V guvax V'yy fgneg jevgvat zl oybt va vg. :devil: Va zbfg Yvahk qvfgebf, vg'f cneg bs gur ofqtnzrf cnpxntr.

2 responses to “ROT13

  1. :yikes:I will have to de-ROT(13) your blog! It would be tedious and time-consuming and lend credence to your ever-growing reputation as a Geek Boy.:wink:JCL.

  2. Too bad I don't really qualify as geek. I think I'm just a wannabe. It's fun for me though.

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