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we are the victims, i guess

It’s everywhere! 😱 I need to watch some more movies about nuclear winter. ☃️

Coming home from work on Friday, on car radio NPR was going on about “multiple foreign actors” being involved in Havana Syndrome without saying who those actors were. Those US officials suffered so much from it.

Today I see NC Policy Watch reporting that the fuel pipeline companies want an entire government agency and additional powers to protect against more Russian hacking of the pipeline controls like happened last summer that caused fuel shortages. The Russian hacking was reported as flat fact.

The Mozila/Firefox newsletter and blog had many articles over the past year about how their software keeps you safe from Russian hackers. Yep, that really ups my trust in that organization’s motivations and security. They can keep me safe from phantoms.

Protonmail gave support to opposition groups in Hong Kong last year. Yep, another trust builder for that company. No, it’s the same position as the US government which makes it suspect.

a couple of tech things

A couple of tech things that have bothered me this year:

— Protonmail donating money to the same Hong Kong “democracy” organizations that the US government supports.

— Mozilla Foundation in favor of social media companies regulating content.

I canceled my Protonmail account because of the first one, but it would be hard to get by without the Firefox web browser because of the second one.

proton e-mail and vpn hong kong

This situation is murky with a lot of actors. I’m not sure how Proton can be sure of the right thing. I’ll keep using the ones I already have that are not flirting with empire.