little me and a ford galaxie

This is a cool favorite pic.

This is me walking behind a car that I was almost born in because my father drove my mother to the hospital in it when she started to give birth to me.

Years later, I would learn to drive in that car. Smooth automatic.

It’s a 1959 Ford, and I see Fairlane on it, but I swear I remember my father calling it a Galaxie 500. Maybe there is more badging on the car that I cannot see. It had a HUGE steering wheel that I remember my mother’s wedding ring clanking against it as she made turns.

I was also in this car with mother driving when we heard about JFK being shot on the radio. I was really little, but I remember people freaking TF out. People were making u-turns on High Point Road and going home. My mom did this, too.

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