preparing dinner

Preparing Dinner, originally uploaded by NCreedplayer.

Just looking a little goofy as I barbecue some chicken on the George Foreskin grill.

8 responses to “preparing dinner

  1. Nice pic……… Chicken looks awesome …..I have a baby grill like that…..not big enough for a family….. One person it would be fine for…..Huggles,Taz

  2. :chef: 😛

  3. I can imagine. I'm probably less harsh looking on a cell phone. 😉

  4. You certainly look passionate and eager to devour something. 😀

  5. FYI, you look a lot more goofy on cellphone screen. 😆

  6. How on earth would we cope without a George

  7. He can take a chicken breast from freezer to table in 20 minutes!

  8. Never risked it from the freezer apart from Sausages

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