a little fragrance in the air

During my clubbing years, mostly 1980s, it was fun to put on a little cologne before going out.

There was one horrible one back then called Giorgio that came in a yellow and red awful-looking box. It was the only cologne that would actually make my sinuses crack if I got a nose full of it. I could hardly stand to go in and out of Belk at the mall because of their fragrance counter promoting it.

The people who wore it sure put on a lot of it. It often went along with the type of person who would tie their shirt in a knot just above their navel. lol. Sometimes we’d say things like, “look at that fag, gotta be from Asheboro.” Like I was some kind of upscale piece to say something like that.

I usually wore the Calvin Kleins, the CK’s.

Somebody gave me an Avon Wild Country Sampler one time. I put it on thinking how bad could it be. Had to get right back in the shower before going out.

Right now my favorite is Bleu de Chanel.

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