spam calls

AT&T, Spectrum, and DirecTV ought to be shot off the face of the Earth for having a business model that supports sign-ups by spam call.

The telcos were supposed to do something about it by July, but it’s worse.

A spoof CallerID I got today was “Lab Corp.” Last week I got one that said “Sentara” (a hospital chain). Both of those you might have a real need to talk to if you were involved.

While at it, block India from the world telephone system for running the sleazy back-end call centers.

3 responses to “spam calls

  1. That’s why my outgoing voicemail message says this:

    You must leave your name, contact information, and nature of your call. If you do not leave this information your call will be ignored. Otherwise, your call will be returned as soon as humanly possible.

    They will leave their info and I can call them back if it’s important. It’s worked well for years.

  2. That’s generally a good practice. On my work phone, mostly I have to answer unless it’s very obvious.

    At least things like MyChart are making it better for getting doctor info unless an emergency. I did have a spammer interrupt the call waiting on an emergency call when I was getting help for someone. It caused me to have to ask for repeats on the instructions. It was stressful.

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