Monthly Archives: May 2021

hit the roof

In-room hotel baskets.

Quite nice for a Red Roof.

a couple of types of diesel, do not mix!

Truck Diesel is for work. RV Diesel is only to be used to go to fun places like the beach, mountains, or Dollywood. 🦋


A Peloton is one of those weird exercise things constantly advertised on the TV.

A “pelotón de fusilamiento” is a firing squad.

In South Carolina, if you’re being executed, you now get to choose between the pelotón and the electric chair. 🔫⚡🪑

There’s a shortage of chemicals for the lethal cocktail.  🍹

it’s down 444

Stuff is down this morning in Cuba. I can’t get my morning dose of Granma while on the clock at work.

the dare

I TRIPLE-DOG dare ya! Total breech of protocol.

website lockouts

When some online site won’t allow a log-in due to my IP (using a VPN), I wish they’d just say so, so I don’t go resetting my password and still don’t get in. Or just say no log-in for security reasons at this time. I guess that gives out a tidbit of information, though.

Instead, the most common lie is:

— your username or password is incorrect (no, both are correct)

Or the less professional:

— We’ve hit a snag! (eye roll)

how heavy is it?

When I was shopping for a mini fridge, I wanted to know the exterior measurements and the weight. I got frustrated because many sites left off the weight.

I was grousing at the screen, “somebody needs to throw that damned thing on a scale and put it in the info section.”

I got tickled at my impatience, but I needed to know!

gotta have that free shipping

I wanted to try this simple $10 water pump from Target, but it only ships free with a $35 or greater order, so I ordered a refrigerator to go with it, LOL

1:30 a.m. nature preserve redux

We both have the late shift on Monday, so here we are out late again.

3:00 a.m. nature preserve

3:00 a.m. in the Nature Preserve.