roadside pickles

I took a walk before work and this jar of pickles was beside the hotel driveway just like that, quite a distance from the hotel. Bread and butter is one of my favorite varieties, but I’ll think I’ll let this jar go.

2 responses to “roadside pickles

  1. The name “bread and butter pickles” makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Something about it just strikes me as repulsive. I can’t get past the name to even try them. Does that make me shallow?

    Dills, on the other hand…

    • The name is a little gross sounding. I think it hails from the depression era when people made sandwiches out of pickles. The pickles are a delightful recipe that I really enjoy. When I was a young teenager and had beehives, I could trade a jar of honey for a large jar of those pickles from a neighbor who really knew how to make them. She was a priceless cook.

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