breakfast and roller skating

When I was school-age, but before I was old enough to drive myself to high school, there used to be a burger place on High Point Rd (now Gate City Bvd) near Groometown Rd. called Ray’s. It was near the now gone Holiday Roller Rink.

Some days my mother would drive me to school to save me from the bus. We’d often stop at Ray’s for breakfast. I always had the egg sandwich. There was nothing special about it. Just fried egg, mayo, salt/pepper, on a smooth toasted Whopper-sized bun.

I still think about how good those sandwiches were and try to duplicate them at home to this day. Part of the good feeling was sitting in the car with my mother eating them.

Starting 7th grade, school became mentally hostile to me, and breakfast with mom helped start the day out better. She knew.

Speaking of Holiday Roller Rink, my parents dropped me off there many a Saturday. Nice place. Strangely enough, First Baptist Church on Friendly had roller skating. They dropped me off there a lot, too.

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