firefox test pilot

I enjoyed doing the Firefox Test Pilot experiments due to my fondness for Firefox. Yesterday, a survey was sent down relating to news feeds. One question required picking a political affiliation. There were only two choices, Democrat and Republican, and the question was required, meaning that I could not complete the survey without answering. F**! that. I’m off the program. 😜

I will continue with Firefox as always. I just won’t do the Test Pilot anymore. By the way, I also love the Vivaldi browser and am looking forward to a mobile edition.

Hopefully participants outside of the USA were not bothered by this fun “survey”.

2 responses to “firefox test pilot

  1. No Independent option?? You will think with what’s going on politically these day… 😉

    I’m also waiting for a mobile version of Vivaldi. Vivaldi is my favorite browser along with SeaMonkey.

    • It started out OK by offering the usual selection of main parties. I selected “other” and filled in my response. That provoked the required followup question, “Is that most like Democrat or Republican?” That made me angry. That person should not be writing surveys for Firefox Test Pilot.

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