this time this will work

The parking decks will save us.

Greensboro (NC) gets radical. 🤡

2 responses to “this time this will work

    • I left it too vague. Here is a comment I made on G+ that elaborates.

      The city wants to spend 64 million of public money to build two parking decks in the rich financial district of the downtown. Primarily they will serve two hotels. The mayor says that without these, the city will sink from 3rd largest in the state to 5th, and she doesn’t want to be the mayor of the 5th.

      My response to becoming 5th largest is: GOOD!

      If these decks make financial sense, why can’t the private sector build them? Meanwhile, the ghettos of Greensboro grow larger and larger.

      The two towers in the downtown are demanding subsidized rates in the existing municipal parking decks until the new ones are built. Brazen!

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