David and Brian still here as of November, 2017

After My Opera closed the community, I stopped long-form blogging and began to rely only on Google Plus and Facebook.

I can still be reached and followed on Google Plus or messaged by using the Contact tab on this blog.  Please say hello.  Brian and I are always looking to reconnect with old friends or make new ones.


12 responses to “David and Brian still here as of November, 2017

  1. Hello David.

    Good to see that you still have your WordPress login details.

    I am following you here, Google+ and Twitter, but I am not on Facebook. That place is an unsettling experience for me.

    • Yeah, forget the Facebook. Google+, Twitter, and WordPress work fine.

      I imported the old blog to here from My Opera. It was too much history to just let it go. Life is so fleeting on Earth that I grasp at any sense of digital permanence , especially as I’m getting older. I have maintained and tried to keep secure the login credentials.

      Also, it looks like Google and Facebook are less trustworthy all the time trying to please the deep state and participate in manipulation. WordPress, even hosted by WordPress, might be a good option, self hosted even better.

      • I agree with all you are saying here.

        I don’t trust Google but I take advantage of some of their services.

        I refuse to log into other sites with my Google credentials. I don’t want to let them know everything that I do.

  2. O hai there. I’m still around too. Mostly on Twitter these days. Glad to hear you’re all right!

  3. Good to see you guys! I never downloaded my Opera blog & would probably be embarrassed by some of what I used to post back then. The only post I remember that was very funny was about Henry VII’s oversized codpiece. Lol

    Glad most of the Opera crowd has reconnected on Facebook. 🙂

  4. It’s nice to see your blog is still up. 🙂

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