the my opera meltdown is going swimmingly

As Opera continues to treat its fans like dirt, the My Opera meltdown seems way ahead of schedule.  I have been trying to get a backup of a blog for four days now.  No go.

An Opera logo dartboard might be in order at this point, but I don’t want to see the red “O” in my house anymore.

16 responses to “the my opera meltdown is going swimmingly

  1. How are they treating their fans like dirt? I haven’t been keeping up with the latest.

  2. Dave, I was just looking through my blog (trippy exerpience!). Is there an easy way to download the whole thing and then just keep what you want?

  3. I checked back on MyOpera today. A few of my friends are still making blog posts. Man, they should follow us over here!

  4. I just made a new blog myself, but you’ll need to log in to My Opera one last time to see the announcement. Not coming over to, sorry. Guess I should, but meh. It’s just not what I want right now.

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