opera is missing from my internet menu

It's freakin' gone! For the first time since 1996.

Now, why would that have happened? :p

10 responses to “opera is missing from my internet menu

  1. It's hidding.

  2. Maybe they are uninststalling themselves in anticipation of armageddon.

  3. The fact they haven't made a linux version of it's webkit based browser is the reason why for me.

  4. I have cleansed all of my devices. :devil: The Opera and AT&T logos now give me a similar feeling.Firefox and Chromium will do nicely.

  5. I had a heads up on this occurrence from reading your blog on Google+. You know that I am following suit this weekend, too! 😉

  6. We both know why, don’t we! 😉 And I’m following suit!

  7. Opera has left my computing equipment. The end of an era from within my Internet life.

  8. Opera (ver. 12.16) seems cemented into my system. Got it about the same time as you did for Windows 3.11. It now resides happily on my Linux box and my XP netbook. My work laptop will get Linux in the near future so I am presuming it will follow me there…
    As someone who uses a browser a lot I found the new version useless. I followed the Dev feed for a while and finally gave up.
    I’ve done a lot of browser hopping over the past months. If I change, anything I use will be a major downgrade 😦

  9. Hi Dave, please let me know when you set up a blog on another site.

  10. Already there:https://slackwrdave.wordpress.com/I hope to continue to see you in the future.I also have a Google+ if you ever use that.

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