saturday night wild living

A couple to three decades ago, I was most concerned with rushing through a shift at work to get home, shower, and get to the right club at the right time.

Now the ring in the bathtub concerns me more. I might still drink a beer later so as not to think about it too much. 😮

9 responses to “saturday night wild living

  1. I think you need to go shopping for a self cleaning bathtub. If there is such a thing.

  2. 😆 I feel your pain. At least you don't have long hair, that makes the task much more interesting.

  3. I never have a bath, nowadays. Showers are good but I'm a traditionalist. Nothing wrong with an all-over flannel wash! 😉

  4. It's actually a tub/shower. I can't stand to be in water that is recycling. I have to be under the waterfall.

  5. Originally posted by garlingmatthews:

    I feel your pain. At least you don't have long hair, that makes the task much more interesting.

    Speaking from experience, Gavin?As one ages, one finds that one's body is far less liberal with the natural oils and moisturisers that it doused everything with in one's misspent youth … bathing, in whatever fashion, becomes an exercise in exfoliation and embrittlement, one's skin being far too dry, which is a very uncomfortable, not to say potentially dangerous, and definitely unattractive, condition. Dandruff all over, would be a good description. At the same time, it is difficult to find a suitable alternative to bathing.

  6. Aaaaah ! The ageing process. It can be kind and genteel to some and cruel to others.Luckily, so far my 80 year old Mom has been dealt a good hand and she uses it well. We are lucky people.

  7. I had hair down to my bum for a decade.Have you tried a sauna? I never have, but they're really big here. Most housing associations have one. In Finland, they roll around in the snow afterwards. I keep meaning to try ours.

  8. Shaving has also become a risky game as I have gotten older. The skin can suddenly fold and I slice myself open like a ripe tomato.

  9. I have reluctantly given up my old straight razor, and use my safety razor very seldom … mostly, I use an electric with a foil head.

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