the date

Surely the apocalypse is at hand! :yikes:

4 responses to “the date

  1. I'd forgotten that ye put the month first. Ireland will be getting that date next month. And Sweden will have it in reverse.

  2. Cool! :up:I work with many people from Mexico and Central America. Depending on the date, I don't know if they are writing DDMMYY like they do there, or if they are accomodating the custom here by writing MMDDYY.Some will clarify by writing with Roman Numerals for the month:12-XI-2013I often write 12-Nov-2013 if I'm outside the country.

  3. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    Oh, wait. That's bad…

    I like your take on that.Similarly, when someone sees the sources I use for news, I sometimes hear things like, "leftist, liberal, crap, practically communist, agenda driven, blame America first."Sometimes I chuckle at their description and say, "is that bad?"It's disarming.

  4. I was gonna say, the Apocalypse is only scheduled for the U.S. Other countries missed out. So long, suckers! :devil: :headbang: Oh, wait. That's bad…

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