hospital food tray

Why not take fries and Smoothies to someone trying to recover? 😀

They were well received.

10 responses to “hospital food tray

  1. Vitamin bombs that taste great. Best things ever.

  2. Good idea! You'll have to visit me if I'm ever in a hospital bed. 💡

  3. A nice, stiff Spanish brandy is more to the point.

  4. Originally posted by derWandersmann:

    A nice, stiff Spanish brandy is more to the point.

    Please visit me in hospital as well! 😉

  5. Originally posted by harrytheman:

    Please visit me in hospital as well!

    I'll get the supersize fries. Only a few cents more and you get a full sack for sharing.I have a bottle of Spanish jerez I could take in there, but she prefers beer.

  6. Used to have a sherry imported by The Party Mart in Chicago … It was called "Bone Dry", and it was the best (i.e., driest) sherry I ever had. I used to buy it regularly. One time I went in and bought a couple of bottles and when I opened one, it was NOT the same … just kinda "not sweet", instead of DRY! I took the unopened bottle back. They'd changed vineyards.

  7. der Wandersmann, if you have a blog relocation address or other venue, I'd love to get that later.I have Google+ and WordPress. I have a Facebook but not really wanting to use it much.I have a feeling that I will blog less after the closure. It's probably better that way, but I just can't let this thing go, yet.

  8. Hmmm … I don't know what you've read, but I do, indeed, have a signup issue. In short, I fill out the form, click the button, and nothing happens … nothing. I've tried 3 browsers with equally unsatisfactory results. And I get no emails welcoming me into the fold. So, aside from bitching and moaning to anyone who will listen, I've tried to contact Krista, who put up the directions for moving, and that seemed to actually work, but I've gotten no reply yet. When I get moved, you will indeed be on the list.

  9. here it is; Eva to the rescue: really active yet; i've still got the export/import thing to do.

  10. Bookmarked it! Thanks. I don't want to lose touch.

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