wine craving while on the road

I spent most of the day driving across South Carolina for my job. For some reason, just after breakfast, I got a craving for a cold glass of wine.

I had no idea if I could satisfy this craving because I was in some very rural areas. Cotton from the fields was blowing across the highway like snow. Some of the rural counties are "dry", meaning that alcohol is not sold.

Lo and behold, when I arrived at my hotel in the afternoon, there was a place next door with Mexican food AND wine, a full bar actually. A very nice bar.

I got my desired late-afternoon lunch with a cold glass of white wine.

Six glasses of wine later, I found myself in a hotel room with two prostitutes and $700 missing from my wallet.

Just kidding. I had my early dinner, wine, then a sleepy walk back to the hotel.

I thought the prices were quite reasonable:

One response to “wine craving while on the road

  1. Three bucks is not bad at all. My bestie and I went out Tuesday night, and she had two glasses of some red wine that was US$10.00 a glass. By contrast, my two glasses of bartender made ginger ale were US$3.00 total. Still steep for Sprite, bitters, and maraschino juice, but nothing compared to the wine.

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