myopera member refuge

**parody post warning**

Mozilla Corporation announces refuge for displaced myopera members! OMG!

The Mozilla and Firefox people have announced the creation of a refuge for the myopera community members who are facing the upcoming shutdown. The community will be called MyFoxy. 😀

Current myopera members will soon be able to register at the new MyFoxy. After providing MyFoxy with your MyOpera and device passwords, you will experience the following:

  • Seamless importation of your entire MyOpera blog. Every bit of it. All Opera red "O's" will automatically be replaced by the Firefox logo, and all links will be reworked to be compatible with the new community.
  • All uses of the name "Opera" will be replaced by "Peora" which you've typed 100's of times already anyway. This will help to avoid lawsuits and giving a boost to that Norweeegan company that once infected your computer.
  • All your friends will also be imported. All who don't go along will receive free courtesy Linkedin-style reminder e-mails weekly for life.
  • Opera will be uninstalled from your device or computer (hence the password requirement above) and replaced with Firefox as the default browser, which is what you should have been using anyway, you dope.

Some of the wonderful benefits of the new MyFoxy community will be:

  • Spammers will be segregated and sandboxed. They will have free reign in that box so you can visit them when YOU choose to, like when you need a quick fling with an Asian girl with a Yahoo e-mail address, to send money for a Nigerian prince, are needing a leather Coach handbag, or maybe some Nikes.
  • Beautiful FREE blog themes which will include:

    *Macondo Oil Rig Blowout
    *Sunrise over Fukushima
    *Right to Arm Bears (USA only)
    *Post-Capitalista Apocalypse
    *1971 Lime Green Shag Carpet
    *2005 Fake Parquet Flooring
    *My First Daewoo
    *Breasts of Hillary Clinton
    *NSA Spy Probing (about 10% of our members love this one)

If you're still not convinced MyFoxy is for you, each new member will receive 5 dollars in FoxCash on a prepaid debit card good at any ATM in the world. As any American minimum wage worker can tell you, THIS is the way to manage your money and is why so many companies are pushing it and wanting to make it mandatory!

To get your $5 of FoxCash, there are a few minor fees:

  • $35 activation
  • $5 monthly maintenance
  • $2.50 charge per ATM transaction
  • $12.50 for having the gall to call customer service for any reason

So, you see, to get your $5 of free FoxCash, you will first have to make a deposit to cover fees.

Move your MyOpera blog now! You got to!

7 responses to “myopera member refuge

  1. What does the Fox say?!?

  2. can't really afford the activation fee or anything else cause I just don't have the money for it

  3. Originally posted by reedplayernc:

    What does the Fox say?!?

    I used to like you, Brian. Then, this…:jester:(Holy god, and all things holy, I fuuucking hate that song! And thanks to Brian, it occupied my head all morning! It's okay, I'm over it. *hug* 😀 )

  4. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    Ylvis is scientifically designed to be annoying.

    I did try to come up with something classier to say than my purely visceral reaction. Tripe. Piffle. Balderdash. Abomination. Infantile. Etc. I thought, even, that it was a song kindred in the same dismellisonant effort as other atrocious displays of art. Thereby, imbuing it with a hallowed reverence, of sorts.

  5. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    I fuuucking hate that song!

    I'm lovin' the parody of it called "What Did the Web Say?" Good musical theatre. But yeah, Ylvis is scientifically designed to be annoying.

  6. :jester: :drunk: Dave that is the funniest thing ever!

  7. Actually, I'm sold on MyFoxy. With a name like that we are all bound to avoid any sordid webcam type ladies signing up :whistle:

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