maduro blasts kerry for rejecting venezuelan election win


Quotes on my blog in the same month from Fidel Castro and president elect of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

What could it mean?

It means these guys have been around the block with the world's favorite superpower and know what the hell the deal is. I might not love either one, but I admire ballsy truth tellin' to power.

Maduro to Secretary of State John Kerry:

Who are you to talk about Venezuela with the many problems the United States has, economic, social and political problems that are overwhelming the people of the United States? Take your eyes off Venezuela. Stop with the scripted intervention. Close your eyes when listening to a U.S. government official, and you’re listening to any of these bourgeois leaders. The U.S. will not recognize the election result. We don’t care about recognition. We decided freely, and we will be free and independent, with or without you. We don’t care about your opinion.

I got the quote here.

3 responses to “maduro blasts kerry for rejecting venezuelan election win

  1. Too right! It's about time our leaders stopped poking their noses in where it isn't needed.

  2. How anyone can argue with that statement from Maduro is beyond me. The US needs to stop assuming that it has a right to interfere or even stand outside shouting at how things are done in other countries.If the Venezuelan elections were fair "enough" to merely raise complaints rather than provide overwhelming evidence, that makes them about on a par with plenty of US elections as well as other countries. Move on.

  3. The SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the US) gave us Bush. That's what democracy looks like. :yikes:

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