more margaritas

We just went out last week and had some. This afternoon we went to Olive Garden, which I still like, and had the ones on special.

I got my money's worth. Just one and I was rocked off my gourd. OMG! Walking outside into the afternoon sun afterwards was brutal. I started having fantasy visions of pouring them out of gallon jugs into iced glasses while relaxing at Burning Man.

4 responses to “more margaritas

  1. Indeed More margaritas, you in wonderful &fantastic state of enjoyment. bt iam now on my way to hospital

  2. I prefer Mike's hard lemonade, vodka, and Jack Daniel's. But I wouldn't mind that particular drink up there. :up:

  3. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    I prefer Mike's hard lemonade

    We like the Mike's line of "refreshments", too. The Mike's Margarita is nearly as good as a real one.

  4. That would make a good change from whisky. 😉

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