pretty aurora

I like messing with stuff, so the Aurora channel of Firefox looked to be fun. It works just fine, and sometimes you get to do a survey if you wanna. I even like the sound of the word aurora.

"Aurora is experimental and may be unstable." Sounds like me. :eyes:

The logo and the "Help/About" splash are pretty.

5 responses to “pretty aurora

  1. It appears to be yet another software website which doesn't actually say what the product does or what it's for.Is it some kind of developer toolbar/extension?

  2. It's just cutting-edge Firefox (browser), pre-beta builds, in case you like to see software in a more raw state.

  3. Ah. Ever tried Opera Next? I just don't dare run beta stuff. I do upgrade the moment new 'stable' versions get released, and that backfires on me every so often.

  4. Originally posted by SharkfinUK:

    Ah. Ever tried Opera Next?

    Years ago I used to do it before it was called Next. I think they were just called Opera Betas then. Things could get a little weird.Firefox hasn't given me any trouble yet.I think Firefox goes in the following order from safest to most risky:–Firefox–Firefox Beta–Aurora (the one I'm using now)–NightliesI think the nightlies are really asking for trouble, but so far Aurora has been solid and stable. I say that, but with the next update, it could all come apart. The slight adventure is kind of fun.

  5. I'm with Opera because Firefox is ugly on KDE.I'm too lazy to fix it.

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