buzludzha monument – bulgaria

I don't know what this type architecture is called. Soviet era? Communist era? Anyway, it's one of my favorites.

Gigantic, weird, ugly, majestic. It's not easy to describe.

**Photographer Timothy Allen has a NICE photo tour of the Buzludzha. Check it out.***

Good youtube video by different person but same place.

Buzludja image below from Wikipedia.

Years ago I was in Havana, Cuba, with Brian, and there were some examples of this type architecture there, too. One was the Russian embassy in Havana, so bizarrely ugly that I stared at it for nearly an hour. There was also an old soccer stadium in the burbs of Havana that had "Soviet" written all over it. The defining characteristic is usually the huge scale and tremendous amounts of plain cement. The stadium was, however, rather majestic.

Below is my picture of one of the most ugly/intriguing buildings in the world, the Russian Embassy in Havana, Cuba, 2005. OMG! :yikes: I kept having to glance over at it every few minutes to make sure it wasn't doing something, lol.

Russian Embassy

One response to “buzludzha monument – bulgaria

  1. :eyes: It's a space house 😆

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